“A business that chooses to participate in Primary Authority is demonstrating a commitment to working in partnership with regulators, and a desire to improve its experience of local regulation.”

“Advice is often referred to as ‘Assured Advice’ because, with the back-up of the statutory scheme, the regulatory community is expected to accept that if the business is following the Primary Authority Advice it is meeting its regulatory responsibilities. Businesses may be particularly likely to seek Primary Authority Advice where they are making significant compliance decisions, often with major financial implications, and require the reassurance that they will not face local inconsistency.”

Regulatory Delivery Primary Authority Handbook

Assurity Consulting operate a Primary Authority co-ordinated partnership with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. Currently covering our fire risk assessments, our Assured Advice concerns:

“The methodology covering policies, procedures, assessment template and physical assessment as undertaken by Assurity Consulting demonstrate adequate arrangements are in place that result in suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment process.”

The benefits this brings being:

  • Peace of mind - Our fire risk assessments has been robustly challenged and the process meets the required standards giving you information you can rely on.
  • Time saving - Our fire risk assessment are recognised as credible and reliable assessment and so provide you a consistent and uniformed approach across your whole property portfolio.
  • Cost saving - By eliminating inconsistencies and allowing you to target your resources to best effect, you are investing in a document that has been assured to deliver the compliance you need.
  • Control - It will make sure your ongoing fire management is based on a reliable and reasoned risk assessments.
  • Confidence - Knowing your fire risk assessment has been assured by an enforcement authority gives you greater confidence when making operational decisions
  • Enhanced reputation – By demonstrating you have a culture that actively invests in the highest standards of health and safety.

​Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any aspect of our Assured Advice for your fire risk assessments - call on tel. 01403 269375 or send us an email info@assurityconsulting.co.uk