From previous experience with us, our contact understood we deliver excellent customer service and expertise. After meeting with their team and learning more about their needs, we started working together.

Prior to a more recent closed systems support, we first provided The Gherkin with workplace environmental assessments, Legionella risk assessments, fire risk assessments and health and safety support. Our remit grew and we have assisted the team over the years with queries about health and safety, policy development, COVID-19 management, and DSE.

Assurity Plus 2.0, our property risk management software, has now been integrated into the organisation giving the team more valuable management information and enhanced visibility of their level of workplace compliance. The team now have real-time functionality and information to support the proactive management of their health and safety compliance.

What difference does Assurity Plus 2.0 make to The Gherkin and its’ teams?

“The flexibility of Assurity Plus 2.0 has provided a bespoke system set up specifically for The Gherkin providing all our on-site teams access to an easy to use, manageable compliance tool. As an embodiment of high standards in the City of London, The Gherkin requires similar standards in the tools we use. I am pleased to say Assurity Plus 2.0 has satisfactorily fulfilled our specific needs.”

Clare Jackaman, Operations Manager, JSRE 30 St Mary Axe Management

What difference do we make to The Gherkin and its’ teams?

“Assurity Consulting have provided essential support to manage Health and Safety compliance obligations. They conduct and feedback on our Health and Safety assessments in person or through Assurity Plus 2.0, and always provide support and advice when needed. Assurity Consulting were instrumental in adapting Assurity Plus 2.0 for our specific needs and worked with various third parties to make sure the result captured all mandatory information. Assurity Plus 2.0 enables us to extract and share the information internally or externally with ease. Assurity Consulting always strive to help with any query we may have and have a broad team with a wealth of knowledge to answer the wide variety of questions we may have.”

Clare Jackaman, Operations Manager, JSRE 30 St Mary Axe Management