Fire Safety Management Systems

Fire is one of those areas of compliance where its management touches a range of activities, systems, processes and people both within and from outside the organisation  - from you as the employer/responsible person to for example contractors covering security, alarm systems, fire fighting and suppression systems, emergency lighting as well as fire wardens, tenants, landlord agents, building control, consultants and builders, the list does go on.

Your existing fire risk assessment should identify the risks from fire. However, a risk assessment alone will not ensure that you have effective management systems in place to control the risks. Our fire safety management system helps you demonstrate not only compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, but it also helps you maintain quality and compliance in this area of the workplace and provides a home and reference for all that documentation.

Our fire safety management system provides you with the tools to help you adequately control the risk of fire in your building.  The following interlinked components form our fire management system, in line with Annex H of BS 9999 Code of Practice for Fire Safety in the design management and use of buildings:

  • A company management policy statement for fire management;
  • Policies for important fire safety related controls;
  • Defined responsibilities for named individuals to implement the policy;
  • Records of training and competency for responsible persons;
  • A description of fire services present;
  • Your existing fire risk assessment; and
  • A written scheme to identify the measures required to control the fire risk
  • Building specific fire safety controls and related ongoing maintenance and testing documentation.

In total your fire management system should provide you with the overview and evidence of your actions and activities, it is not just a logbook, and we’d be happy to help you bridge the gap.