The National Archives collects, preserves and makes accessible the record of government, and is recognised internationally as one of the foremost authorities on information migration and preservation. The ability to provide the public with ready access to the records it holds is critical to its success.

“We had already taken significant steps to improve accessibility at our premises. However, the report that we received did not recognise the measures that we had taken. Some recommendations were neither reasonable, nor cost effective and would not necessarily have improved access to our premises. There had to be a more reasonable and practical way to resolve some of our challenges.” Graham Taylor, Health and Safety Advisor.

Graham also required the ability to manage access audit actions effectively across a number of different departments. He recognised the need to employ the skills of a qualified NRAC (National Register of Access Consultants) consultant to get this right. Graham selected Assurity Consulting, who were instructed to carryout a complete access audit of the property at Kew.

Over the course of two days, the Consultants made a comprehensive tour of the premises and conducted interviews with the heads of all key departments. Following that visit the Consultants returned and explained their findings. This prompted an open discussion about their observations, recommendations and other available options.

One year on, Assurity Consulting carried out a management review of The National Archives’ access procedure. That independent review enabled the team to demonstrate the progress across the organisation and promote the good work that they have achieved.

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