At Assurity Consulting, we can - and across a range of areas in your buildings. Aspects such as dust and microbiological contaminants together with the impact of various groups of gases affect air quality, all of which are influenced by the standards of cleanliness and maintenance of your ventilation systems.

Compliance with COSHH, Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) and DSE Regulations are just some of the other considerations too, that have a bearing on how good your indoor air quality really is.

For example many people believe air quality is just a matter of filter changes, if only it were that simple. We find that as many problems can arise from the too frequent changing of filters as well as not frequently enough – both in their own way potentially expensive exercises. 

Our consultancy team include chemists, microbiologists and laboratory scientists with decades of experience in indoor air quality management. We take tens of thousands of measurements every year, as well as process all our own site samples – around another 35,000 a year. Combine this with a detailed understanding of your buildings’ systems and services and you have credible and verifiable information on the characteristics of your indoor air quality.

You can use our independent indoor air quality assessments to cover:

  • Ventilation systems and air quality requirements
  • Air handling units
  • Air quality legislation
  • Air quality control factors
  • Risks associated with mechanically ventilated buildings, and even
  • Manage indoor air quality issues effectively.

With an industry leading ISO 17025 system that covers site sampling, transportation and testing of our air samples and a UKAS accredited in house laboratory, you have the reassurance that your results will be totally accurate.

Our consultants can also advise you on the use of our online compliance management solution “Assurity Plus” to view real time progress of your allocated actions, simplify the way you work, demonstrate greater compliance control, have useable management reporting and enhanced visibility of risks.

If you need expert, independent advice on your indoor air quality, please call us today for a detailed, confidential and without-obligation discussion of your needs.

Click here to view our guide to indoor air quality and microbiological contaminants

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Key Benefits of our Indoor Air Quality Assessment Services

Responsible organisations retain us, rather than other consultancies, for their indoor air quality needs, because we give you:

Proven track record:

With 1000s of reports compiled from 1,000,000s of samples, tests and examinations you get the facts you need on your buildings performance.

Verifiable results you can trust:

We are unique among consultancies offering this service. Our ISO 17025 accreditation covers the sampling, transportation and analysis of your indoor air quality samples. With our own laboratory processing thousands of samples a year, coupled with our longstanding, robust accreditations, we automatically factor out error others not offering this can be prone to.

Detailed not details:

To assess your indoor air quality properly, you need a consultancy with the right breadth and depth of expertise and understanding of building service and systems. You get that with Assurity Consulting!

Independent and impartial advice:

The fact that our consultants do not offer remedial services gives them the freedom to focus totally on your situation. Whether giving you a clean bill of health or identifying areas of improvement, our independence provides you with vested interest free information.

Working with you: 

Your indoor air quality reports are personally presented so you have the opportunity to fully understand the findings and what they mean to you. Add in the account management team support to your own dedicated consultant and there is always someone you know you can contact who already understands your needs as well as that of your building.