Microbiological Contaminants

Our office environments particularly those with forced air ventilation and air conditioning often get the blame for any coughs and colds or other similar ailments we catch, but are they the real culprit?

It is true that poorly designed and badly maintained air supply systems can cause us all sorts of problems and have led in the past to concerns over sick building syndrome amongst other issues. But more often than not it is usually something far simpler, if the building at all that is causing the issue. 

Understanding the differences between internally generated, non hazardous bacteria from our skin, and those that get drawn into our buildings from the outside is as important as knowing the differences between a VAV box or four pipe fancoil unit if you are going to reliably interpret results and know what is really going on with your building environment.

It is also as important to know where to take your samples from so you don’t contaminate the sample or potentially misrepresent the findings by reporting, for example, spores in the system as actively growing contaminants. 

Our microbiological air quality testing is also UKAS accredited, which means reliable and accurate measurement. So whether it is regular confirmation of performance or a one off investigation at Assurity Consulting, we have the knowledge, experience and independence you need.