Workplace Environmental Assessments

Tailored to cover some or all of the variables you may encounter with your indoor air quality, water quality, standards of hygiene/food safety, computer room environments, and occupancy comfort e.g. office temperature or noise levels, our totally independent Workplace Environment Assessment provides you with valuable and definitive information on your building performance in a single report.

Workplace Environment Assessments will help to: 

  • Establish your position in relation to your legal requirements
  • Provide asset and building performance information for internal and external customers, enforcers, insurers, investors and regulators
  • Assess aspects of the building you cannot always see
  • Explain accredited compliance data
  • Protect your budget from unnecessary remedial work
  • Place individual aspects of the workplace environment within an overall picture
  • Satisfy your staff and management that you have healthy buildings and office environments and your employee wellbeing is at the heart of your organisation 

As a tool to demonstrate the quality of your building performance and the effectiveness of your maintenance, it is the most comprehensive ongoing workplace assessment available. As it also combines all the disciplines involved you can quickly and easily identify any inter-related trends that can otherwise get missed. 

That is why, every year, our consultants carry out thousands of independent workplace environmental assessments, all with the backing of relevant and extensive accreditation - our ISO 17025 system covers on site sampling, transportation and laboratory analysis of your air, water and occupancy comfort. To what use could you put such a tool?

Our consultants can also advise you on the use of our online compliance management solution Assurity Plus 2.0 to view real time progress of your allocated actions, simplify the way you work, demonstrate greater compliance control, have useable management reporting and enhanced visibility of risks.

If you recognise the benefit of an expert, independent workplace environmental assessment, please call us today for a detailed, confidential and without-obligation discussion of your requirements.

Click the links to view our independent guides on sick building syndrome or indoor air quality.


Expertise at hand

Expertise at hand

To assess your workplace environment in its entirety, you need a consultancy with the right breadth and depth of directly-employed expertise and the appropriate scale of facilities. Assurity Consulting is uniquely that consultancy.

Years of experience

Years of experience

With 100s of years of combined experience in 1,000s of buildings across the UK, Europe and beyond, we are already the automatic first choice for many wanting quality workplace environment information.

Results you can rely on

Results you can rely on

We are unique among consultancies offering this service. Our ISO 17025 accreditation covers not just the sampling, transportation and analysis of your air and water samples but the more emotive areas such as temperature and humidity too. With our own laboratory processing thousands of samples a year, coupled with our longstanding, robust accreditations, we automatically factor out error others not offering this can be prone to.

Impartial advice

Impartial advice

The fact that our consultants do not offer remedial services gives them the freedom to focus totally on your situation. Whether giving you a clean bill of health or identifying areas of improvement, our independence provides you information that is free from vested interest.

Working with you

Working with you

Your workplace environment assessment reports are all personally presented so you have the opportunity to fully understand the findings and what they mean to you. Add in the account management team support to your own dedicated consultant and there is always someone you know you can contact who already understands your needs as well as your buildings. 

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Workplace Environmental Assessments

If you would like expert, independent advice on the quality of the environment within your building, please contact us for a detailed, confidential and without-obligation discussion of your requirements.

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Customer testimonials

Penguin Random House v2

Penguin Random House

"I would have no hesitation in recommending the Assurity Consulting team to any prospective customer. I was introduced to Assurity Consulting (Elementus) in 2012, I have been very pleased with the high level of service and performance by them."

- Jim Gibson, Facilities Manager, Penguin Random House

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"We carry out assessments every year and Assurity Consulting provide us with very detailed information about the condition and output of our plant/systems. They also serve as an independent review of the planned preventative maintenance work carried out by our building services contractors."

- Richard Comfort, Head of Facilities, esure

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"Having worked with Assurity Consulting for a number of years I know I can rely on their support and professional advice on all aspects of workplace compliance including areas that are not specifically detailed in our agreement. Having an independent view point is essential and their online compliance management tool enables central monitoring to be carried out with ease."

- Carol Morrison, Compliance & Supplier Relationship Manager UK&I Properties, Fujitsu Services Ltd