Computer Room Cleanliness and Validation

Having a room with effective planned preventative maintenance and so well-maintained air conditioning equipment with efficient filtration is one thing, but if the cleanliness of your data centre or computer room environment does not match it, you could be creating issues.

We are not just talking about the ubiquitous cardboard packaging that is only there because “we’ve recently had a delivery” either. We need to assess the supply/plenum chambers, floor and ceiling voids (as relevant) as well as the internal room conditions.

An initial impression of how clean your computer or server room looks is often a good indication of what the overall management and so the performance of the room will be too:

  • On the macroscopic side - large volumes of waste have been left to accumulate, empty drinks cups and cans noted, cable and wiring offcuts fill the floor void (always a contractor though) or even a sleeping bag and TV found in the subfloor – true story – give clues.
  • Microscopically, by taking relevant dust samples from various room surfaces, we can analyse these for contaminants and identify altogether different issues. Problems with the A/c, fresh air supply, cleaning, zinc whiskers or indeed restacks, can all become clear. Equally, they can confirm the room to be clean and well maintained.

Carrying out room cleanliness inspections as part of a broader environmental assessment of your computer room also helps fill in the gaps and provides you with a detailed and accurate picture. Assurity Consulting offers the experience and expertise you need from an independent and quality assured perspective.