Computer Room Air Quality and Dust Levels

At Assurity Consulting we combine detailed measurements of your computer rooms, server rooms and data centres, referenced against the room layout and other influencing factors (location of A/C units, air intakes, entry points, cleanliness levels, etc.).

This enables you to gather independent reliable information and advice on how your environment is performing.

As with temperature and humidity, dust levels within computer rooms, server rooms and data centres need to be tightly controlled. While equipment has become more tolerant to these factors, manufacturers requirements, operating guidance and most importantly the need for uptime, mean conditions are best optimised. So how do you identify/demonstrate the control you have over yours?

Air quality within your computer and server environments can be influenced by everything from the air introduced to the room to the ventilation plant and cleanliness standards within it.

The means for measuring/assessing cleanliness is focused on the number of microscopic particles found in your room per cubic metre of air (m³). The standard that most data centres (controlled environments) are referenced too is ISO 14644-1 (Classification of air cleanliness by particle concentration). Many IT suppliers and manufacturers will also specify the same or similar standards for their equipment.

So, whether it is your IT or other department, suppliers, manufacturers, maintenance or 3rd party room users, effectively managing the air quality of your computer rooms and/or data centres provides the information you need to demonstrate effective control and so uptime.