Computer Room Temperature, Humidity and Airflow

For the most part, the equipment in computer rooms and data centres generate heat. The three elements of temperature, relative humidity and airflow are therefore critical components in managing these rooms as environments. Running your server or computer room too hot risks equipment issues and too cold could be costing you money.

We combine detailed measurements of your computer rooms, server rooms and data centres, referenced against the room layout, location of A/C units and other potential sources of heat. This enables you to gather reliable independent information and advice on how your environment is performing.

Manufacturers and recommended guidance can vary significantly with some schools of thought identifying as low as 10°C and up to 28°C, while others recommend 21°C +/- 1°C.

Most data centres, server and computer rooms now have some form of sensors measuring temperature, but these are often static and where they are located can bear little relevance to how the room is now laid out.

As well as taking real-time measurements with calibrated instruments, Assurity Consulting, combines the information gained from this with a thorough room examination. We consider the position of racks and equipment, how the room is conditioned (in the room, floor and ceiling) and where the air flows, possible other heat gains and/or any “hotspots”.

As part of a wider computer room assessment covering air quality, room inspections, pressure testing and maintenance standards we provide the detailed testing and reporting you need and can rely on.