Computer Room Maintenance Standards and AHU Environmental Performance

The infrastructure supporting your computer, server room and data centre environment management is only as good as the operational maintenance it receives. Knowing these are contributing positively to your room or centre performance brings peace of mind as well as consistency of delivery.

At Assurity Consulting we combine the knowledge of building services and environmental performance to best effect, so you have certainty on not just how your systems are being maintained but how they are contributing to the conditions within the room.

How the room is designed and the configuration of the units and plenums (as relevant) is the starting point with inspections then covering everything from seals, batteries, filters and fitment to corrosion, condensation, damage and dust.

It is not just the condition of the units either, we also can accurately assess filtration performance and relate this back to the wider room measurements, as well as analysing any accumulated dust in the units themselves.

So, whether it is as a stand-alone inspection or more typically part of detailed room assessment, we can help you demonstrate you have the right levels of maintenance in place to support your management.