Legionella – Water Quality Assessments

Much emphasis is put on Legionella testing and sampling by organisations and is actively promoted by a number of third parties, including maintenance and water treatment companies. While it is a requirement for some systems, it isn’t for others and it should always be remembered that Legionella testing is a performance indicator, NOT a control measure.

Depending on the requirements of the Approved Code of Practice & Guidance on regulations (L8): “Legionnaires’ disease:  The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems” and the associated guidance in HSG274 parts 1-3, system testing may need to be carried out on a routine basis, for some systems (evaporative cooling systems for example), but not others (i.e. hot and cold water systems). Your risk assessment or Legionella management may also indicate testing for a particular system depending on the findings and the control regime in place.

Either way, any water testing and sampling for Legionella should not be done in isolation, otherwise you could end up identifying a symptom and not know the cause or how to resolve it.

Assurity Consulting offers an award-winning and industry-leading service for any water quality assessments you need. Both our laboratory - based at our head office in Horsham - and the range of samples our Consultants take on site are governed by our United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). This ensures from the system(s) sampled and the way it is carried out to its transport, processing and reporting we provide you with reliable, accurate and reproducible results – it is information you can rely on with no vested interest.

Add to this our over 30 years’ experience in assessing/auditing building services and our UKAS accreditation for temperature testing, pH, Bromine and our other microbiological sampling and you have a complete service. Why settle for anything else?