Waste Management Review

The successful management of waste covers much more than just segregated bins, there are moral and reputational issues to consider as well as the legal for this producing it.

While significant improvements have been made in our waste management, the UK still consumes natural resources at an unsustainable rate, unnecessarily contributing to climate change. Your waste if not properly managed, can cause environmental damage and be costing your organisation money. Proactive and effective waste management will ensure compliance with regulations, can significantly reduce this cost and add to your environmental/corporate social responsibility credentials.

You have a legal responsibility to ensure that you produce, store, transport and dispose of your business waste without harming the environment, which is called your duty of care.

The production of an Assurity Consulting waste management review considers whether compliance is being achieved as well as looking at areas for further improvement. It will help you to establish a baseline of your current position, set some clear objectives, and develop your waste management planning process.

The review is an assessment of your current waste management performance and will examine the following areas in relation to your specific waste streams:

  • Environmental awareness;
  • Legislative compliance;
  • Procedures; and
  • Adequacy of control measures currently in place.

In the context of your organisation it will also assess your management of, and the significance of, your waste streams including for example:

  • General waste;
  • Recyclables;
  • Electrical and Electronic;
  • Hazardous;
  • Clinical;
  • Food; and
  • Contractor Management.

The review will give you the reassurance that your current system is meeting relevant legislative requirements, or help you identify where your management of waste requires or would benefit from, development and give you an action plan to achieve these improvements.