Environmental Awareness Training

Effective environmental management needs the right people trained and competent to support it. It can also help you make better decisions on initiatives that can range from the use of energy, resources, waste and biodiversity to reducing operating costs and aiding the continuous improvement of service delivery.

That is because people who not only understand the specific objectives you wish to meet, but the bigger picture they fit into globally as well as locally, will make more informed, more sustainable decisions.

Our environmental awareness training and environmental management training are tailored to your needs and whether you are ISO 14001 or not provide the basis for you to successfully manage your environmental aims more effectively.

  • Overview of environmental management and sustainability
  • Environmental policy
  • Legal responsibilities and legal registers
  • Aspects and impacts covering for example:
    • Emissions to air
    • Releases to water
    • Contamination to Land
    • Use of raw materials and natural resources
    • Use of energy and carbon emissions
    • Waste management and waste hierarchy
    • Wildlife and biodiversity
    • Noise, light and vibration
  • Identifying and managing environmental risk
  • ISO 14001 environmental management systems
  • Environmental management system auditing
  • Stakeholder and other interested parties

All our courses are designed to provide the delegates with the information and skills they need. The emphasis is on education rather than instruction, in order to understand the “why” as well as what is expected, our courses are tailored and typically run inhouse to reflect what you are doing in your organisation.

CPD certificates are issued to all participants on completion of the training and competency checks and tests can also be provided. Effective training is one of the steps to demonstrating your competence as well as making the most of the investment your organisation is making in its environmental management.