Environmental Management – Water Continuity Management Review

The future of water resources has become an increasing issue over the past few years, with drought and flood conditions affecting various parts of the country. It is estimated that organisations are responsible for around one-third of all water used in the UK.

In the event of your building or location flooding or losing water (however that may be – drought, leak, contamination or damage (i.e. as the result of a mains rupture)) – how resilient would your location be?

Our water continuity management review looks at how you currently use water and what systems and services are at risk and what the consequences may be should an interruption occur.

The objectives of this review are to understand the current approach and business motivators concerned with water management and identify areas where improvements can be made. The review will aid your understanding of how to:

  • Ensure any relevant issues can be included in your business continuity planning, so improving your risk management in normal and drought conditions;
  • Maintain legal compliance;
  • Help meet corporate responsibility goals;
  • Help achieve better practice in water usage and cost savings; and
  • Allow your site to remain operational regardless of climatic challenges;

What do you know about how too much or too little water could affect you and your organisation?