Closed Water System Management

Why do you need to manage your closed water systems?

The design of closed water systems means that they do not produce any aerosols under normal operating conditions and when combined with normal operating temperature these systems are usually considered low risk with regard to Legionella. However, water quality does need careful monitoring to ensure efficient operation of the system. 

The management of closed water systems is often directly through maintenance contractors/water treatment companies, and because closed water systems can lack the visibility of other "higher risk" services, effective control and good quality record keeping is not always evident.

How appropriate the control regime in place for your system is - particularly as contractors and their knowledge can change - will depend on how well they have assessed your system, its design and materials of construction. Particularly where modifications or additions to systems have occurred, this can lead to issues arising.

What can go wrong with closed water systems?

Poor maintenance of such systems can lead to the loss of service and reduction in the life of assets. Such water quality issues if not dealt with swiftly and effectively can lead to extensive remedial actions that can incur significant costs through damage and/or loss. These can include:

  • Reduced system performance (and associated occupant complaints);
  • Loss of service (possible loss of business function or tenant rent); and
  • Reduction in the life of the assets (premature replacement of pipework systems, plant and associated equipment).


Expert advice

Expert advice

Combining system understanding with a qualified risk assessor’s eye and using the latest standards and guidance (including BS 8552 and BG 50) our closed water systems reviews provide you with the performance management information you need to have.

Responsive consultants

Responsive consultants

Our consultants are just a phone call away and are happy to answer your questions and queries relating to closed water systems. You have the reassurance that they can build a tailored solution for you based on an understanding of your needs and requirements.

Impartial reports

Impartial reports

By not providing remedial services or water treatment chemicals, we offer truly independent advice. You can be assured that your report will be factual, impartial and fair.

Collaborative approach

Collaborative approach

From site visit to report presentation we work with you to help you understand your closed water systems and the actions given with each and every report. Where possible reports are presented face to face giving you opportunity to discuss the findings and plan your future management activities.

How can Assurity Consulting help you?

So if you need to know how effective your closed water system management is, we can support you with a closed water system management review. 

Combining a documentation review, system assessment and performance audit in one report, our closed water systems management review provides you with all the information you need to understand how your systems are currently being managed. The review is a detailed plain English report summarising the level of information held regarding your systems. It includes an executive summary, a building and system description and a clear overview of documents and sources of information reviewed. 

A summary of the existing written scheme is provided including feedback on the effectiveness of this and the quality of records inspected. A summary of the site inspection is also provided detailing any issues noted together with a prioritised action plan. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any aspect of your closed water system on tel. 01403 269375 or send us an email

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If you would like expert, independent advice on closed water systems within your building, please contact us for a detailed, confidential and without-obligation discussion of your requirements.

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