Asbestos Surveys

When considering an asbestos survey you have two options, either an asbestos management survey or a pre-demolition/refurbishment survey.

In identifying your obligations in managing asbestos you can either:

  • Presume all materials that could be are asbestos-containing materials (ACM);
  • Gather evidence to show they are not;
  • Carry out an asbestos survey of your premises/areas of responsibility to identify which materials are ACM; or
  • Use a combination of the above. 

As the names imply, an asbestos management survey is designed to non-intrusively look at the surfaces and materials present in your premises that may be ACM and that could be disturbed. The latter is an intrusive investigation of the premises to assess the possible contact with asbestos during refurbishment or demolition work.

We specialise in asbestos management surveys and combine the material and priority assessments into effective asbestos risk assessments. Our surveys deliver an up-to-date and working register of your ACM, as well as a scored priority matrix to help you develop a risk-based action plan for your ongoing asbestos management.

Add to this the experience we can provide in discussing your options for managing your ACM, available either at the time of the survey (for existing known ACM) or during our personal presentation of your asbestos survey report, and you have everything you need to not only comply but manage your ACM safely.