Asbestos Conditions Assessment

Once you have your risk assessment, asbestos register and management system in place, you then need to have a mechanism in place to check on your asbestos containing materials (ACM) to make sure they remain in good condition and have not become damaged/deteriorated.

With a good management system and relevant training in place these condition assessments can be undertaken in house with little or no problem. Others find there is no substitute for the view of a qualified assessor.

For either scenario we can help, from training your team and/or setting up your system to providing detailed condition assessment reports on the  ACM you have responsibility for - including photographs and any observed changes - we have the experience to support you. It is also not uncommon for our surveyors when carrying out condition assessments to locate additional ACM that have been missed previously too.

So whether it is as part of a regular condition assessment programme or as a occasional independent check of a check, we know what needs to be done. 

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