HSE launch asbestos service surveys

Greg Davies 2022

Greg Davies
Director of Market Development, Assurity Consulting
10th January 2024

The surveys are an outcome of the Work and Pensions Committee inquiry into the Health and Safety Executive’s approach to asbestos management in 2021/22. They will be used to evidence and inform how the accepted recommendations from the inquiry are implemented. The closing date for responses is 11:45, on Sunday 25th February 2024.

There are three activity-based options for further information and/or completing a survey, covering:

  • Asbestos surveying services
  • Licensed asbestos removal services
  • 4-stage clearance inspection services

The HSE also point out that replies are anonymous and no information will be used for regulatory inspection purposes.

The Sixth Report of Session 2021–22, The Health and Safety Executive’s approach to asbestos management (HC 560) by the Work and Pensions Committee was published on 21st April 2022. A Government’s Response was received on 18th July 2022, and some of the areas/recommendations made for review included:

  • To develop a central digital register of asbestos in non-domestic buildings, describing its location and type;
  • For HSE to conduct research (which complements inspection programme) to identify the extent to which dutyholders are complying with their obligations under the Control of Asbestos regulations (2012);
  • That the current review of the Control of Asbestos Regulations (2012) being carried out by HSE includes a thorough written assessment of moves towards the more stringent asbestos occupational exposure limits (OELs) in Europe;
  • that HSE strengthens its work with, and guidance to, dutyholders to make clear their obligations to communicate asbestos information and risks to building contractors and users.

It would be great to see a concerted effort from all organisations captured by the request to actively participate. While our experience is asbestos is generally well managed, it is not true for all and the combined lesson we can learn now will undoubtedly help improve management and so reduce the risk further in the future.

Links to the three HSE surveys are:

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