Water Quality - Hygiene Training

Once you have in place a system to manage your building water systems and services, your staff should be trained to make sure they know what is expected of them and what to expect.

Different water systems will have different management requirements and what may be a good outcome or test result for one may not be for another. So water hygiene training and water management training may go hand in hand or need to target at a range of people in the organisation.

Information, instruction and training is a legal requirement in health and safety. But good training doesn’t just cover the legislation and basics, it looks to engage the attendees in relevant examples, improve both knowledge and understanding and help them identify what success looks like or where further attention is needed.

Our water hygiene training and water management training is developed with your organisation and responsibilities in mind. Using, where practical, experience from any assessments, audits and reviews carried out at your premises we can help shape and embed the information and instruction your teams, managers and senior managers need.

Over 90% of our training receives “excellent” or “very good” in the feedback provided, why not find out why for yourself.