Water Quality - Hygiene and Quality Assessments

Whether for people or process water is an integral part of all our buildings, so good water quality and water hygiene management is an essential aspect of workplace compliance.

Once through the water meter, whatever it serves, the quality of water in your premises is your responsibility. It is also covered by legislation as diverse as, the Water Supply (Water Quality) and Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare). Regulations, not to mention any process or private water supply requirements you may have.

Understanding the systems and services - pumps, pipes, tanks, valves and outlets - that this water serves is another important element in properly assessing the quality of water. Other influencing factors include temperature, hardness, chemical control, conductivity and pH levels.

At Assurity Consulting not only do we have the experience and expertise to examine and test your building’s water quality and hygiene, but all our sampling and analysis is carried out to UKAS accredited standards in our own laboratory. This ensures your results are not only accurate, but their interpretation is based on fact and any localised potentially influencing factors are considered too.