Workplace Comfort - Temperature and relative humidity

With many people spending the majority of their time “in the office” it is not surprising workplace comfort, particularly temperature and relative humidity levels, are such emotive and often time-consuming issues.

While notwithstanding the minimum requirements, there is no specific regulation governing what your space temperature should be, the subject is covered through the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, as well as in guidance from for example CIBSE.

However, not all building users are that well versed in the regulations or indeed the operating parameters of the premises, with or without the changes in occupancy, layout or usage that may have also occurred. They are simply too hot or too cold at any one time.

If such concerns with occupancy comfort were easily solved, they wouldn’t raise the problems they so often do. For example, issues with ambient air temperature could be the result of:

  • poor building control;
  • bad design;
  • building orientation;
  • poor space planning;
  • high humidity;
  • Carbon dioxide levels; or
  • a combination of any of the above.

At Assurity Consulting we use qualified workplace auditors and equipment and testing protocols that are accredited to UKAS standards to help you manage your environment. As part of a workplace environmental assessment, we can assess and report on your Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ), impartially and independently. Combining measurements of your space temperature and relative humidity with inspections of you installed plant and equipment as well as discussion with staff in any of the affected areas. Suffice as to say after just a few visits your staff see us as part of the team looking after them.