Workplace Comfort - Airflow velocity measurement

Air movement and airflow velocities in the workplace, just like temperature and relative humidity levels, can be a further cause for issues if not properly managed. Too much, and people are “draughty”, too little and people are “stuffy”, but just right, and no one notices!

Also, like temperature and relative humidity levels, there are no hard and fast rules as to what should be achieved, notwithstanding, the building design criteria, CIBSE guidance and of course the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulation requirements.

Over time and with “modifications” in operation through energy, sustainability, space planning or user needs, systems can become out of balance. Having access to reliable information on the circulating or supply air gives you the ability to understand how best you can manage your system for the benefit of the building as well as the occupants.  

At Assurity Consulting we have been providing those responsible for managing buildings and their environments with accredited, independent performance data for over 30 years. Our team of trained and qualified Consultants assess in real-time with calibrated instruments and report back to you with their accurate and verifiable findings. This can be for a single specific issue or as part of regular indoor environment quality assessments.