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Issue 5: Coronavirus - workplace support information and guidance

With a back to work message this month and the release of “Our Plan to Rebuild: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy” there has been a host of support information and guidance produced for us to consider. So, what does it mean for your organisation?

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Issue 4: Coronavirus and managing buildings

Our management of the COVID-19 pandemic remains, rightly high on the agenda. While many of the initial issues around managing buildings in a “lockdown” have been confronted, there remains much we can be doing to continue to help keep our people and premises safe.

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COVID-19 Vehicle care and maintenance during (and after) the lockdown

During these unprecedented times of pandemic lockdown, most of us are now working from home where possible. There is currently no requirement for the daily commute and your car maybe sitting in your garage, driveway or in the street and getting much less use. Here are some things to consider to keep you on the right side of the law and avoid further disruption.

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COVID-19 Food safety considerations

According to Public Health England guidance released on 25th March 2020, it is ‘very unlikely that you can catch coronavirus from food’. However, procedures to keep those staff working in the food industry are still needed, as is a food safety management system and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) to keep food safe to eat.

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COVID-19 Homeworker fire precautions

With government advice to contain the spread of COVID-19 resulting in more people spending more time at home, this increases the need to be extra vigilant with home fire safety.

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Issue 3: Coronavirus and workplace health and safety management

With COVID-19 high on the agenda currently we have looked at some of the issues around the outbreak and the effects this could have on your health and safety management.

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Coronavirus outbreak update as of 6th March 2020

Advice around the COVID-19 outbreak is being produced, revised and updated by a number of agencies and organisations, it is also high on the news agenda. With employees and others, as well as employers, now being exposed to a wealth of - not always consistent - messages, information and communication is key. 

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Coronavirus outbreak update as of 26th February 2020

With an increase in cases of COVID-19 and countries reporting people with the disease coinciding with school half term associated travel, we are being approached by numbers of customers for advice on what they should be doing in the workplace.

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Issue 2: Health and Safety Risk Assessment, Grab Packs and Senior Management Training

Here we share some key points to assess some of your health and safety systems. Take 15 minutes to review your health and safety risk assessment, carryout a grab bag inspection and to consider your director/senior manager health and safety training.

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Coronavirus outbreak update as of 13th February 2020

As information on the current coronavirus outbreak continues to grow and it’s spread continues, we have been asked to provide another update on workplace considerations.

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Coronavirus outbreak update as of 30th January 2020

With increasing news reports on the coronavirus outbreak, more countries are taking action and, as a result, a number of customers have approached us for advice on outbreak planning in the workplace.

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Issue 1: COSHH, Equality Training and Fire Risk Assessment

When did you last review your COSHH risk assessment, your employees's disability and equality training or read your most recent fire risk assessment? Take 15 minutes to consider some key points to assess some of your health and safety systems.

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