Learning Lessons the Legionella way
18th April 2017
Since the introduction of the 4th edition of Legionnaires' disease The control of legionella bacteria in water systems, Approved Code of Practice and guidance on regulations (L8) in November 2013, despite no recent high profile outbreaks in the UK, Legionella related activity has still been commonplace.
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Asbestos Fibres
A trained eye - is your asbestos management really up to date?
17th February 2017
At Assurity Consulting our Consultants often get asked “why do I need asbestos training?” The answer is simple, to make sure of the ongoing success of your asbestos management.
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An unexpected outcome, what might be missing from your 2017 strategy?
02nd February 2017
2016 proved a year for the unexpected. In areas as different as sport and politics (although the wisdom is they shouldn't be mixed, some stories of last year saw them hand in hand though) results against the norm or perceived outcomes came from everywhere.
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Orange Presents
After Santa calls what presents might 2017 be bringing?
20th December 2016
Santa will soon be here and all the preparation, planning, organising and delivering will once more come to fruition. But after his footprints on the roof have melted with the snow (hopefully), the last of the turkey (or other fillings) sandwiches consumed and the decorations are once more packed away, what might be on the agenda before he returns again next year?
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No summer holiday for the new sentencing guidelines
07th October 2016
Seven figure failures are becoming the norm for health and safety offences regardless of size and sector. The impact of the Sentencing Guidelines for health and safety, corporate manslaughter and food safety (as we blogged in February) was clearly evident and momentum seems to have been maintained by judges up and down the country.
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Help Great Britain Work Well
New thinking for health and safety - what could it mean for you?
31st August 2016
Launched earlier in the year the Health and Safety Executive's
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What could Brexit mean for health and safety?
21st July 2016
Now the votes have been cast and counted and the dust has started to settle, what might an ''EU free'' Britain look like for health and safety? It is true that Brussels has had a major influence on our regulation, and this extends back to the introduction of Directive 89/391/EEC - OSH ''Framework Directive'' in June 1989 ''to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers at work.''
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Thermostat Dial
Opening up your closed water systems management
20th May 2016
Closed water systems are majoritively those which heat and cool your buildings. They will be mainly sealed (apart from perhaps a make-up tank) and usually pressurised.
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Food Hygiene SafetyWarning Sign
Serving up a new approach to food safety audits
26th February 2016
We all understand the need for effective food safety and food hygiene, but are you clear about some of the newer ingredients that should be seasoning your management?
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Gritting Truck
Clearing up the snow and ice debate
22nd January 2016
The weekend snow and now sub-zero conditions not only herald an end to the so far mild winter, in terms of temperature we’ve been having but have again raised the issue of liability when and if paths and roads are cleared and someone has an accident.
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