What are Volatile Organic Compounds?

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VOCs are released from burning fuel, such as gasoline, wood, coal and natural gas; and from solvents, paints, glues and other products used in the workplace, as well as tobacco smoke. Vehicle emissions are also a major source of VOCs.

What is their significance?

Exposure to significant quantities of different VOCs can result in various symptoms. The most common are eye, nose and throat irritation and headaches. Some VOCs, such as benzene, are known to cause cancer in humans.

The Health and Safety Executive guidance note, Workplace Exposure Limits EH40, details workplace exposure standards for a number of VOCs over an eight hour time-weighted average reference period, and over a fifteen minute period.

When can VOCs be a problem in the workplace?

Most of the time, levels of VOCs in the workplace will be extremely low. However, these levels sometimes increase after refurbishment when new furniture and furnishings, such as new carpets and equipment, have been introduced, particularly if ventilation to the refurbished area is inadequate.

How can you monitor VOCs?

Levels of VOCs can be monitored, such as benzene, acetone and toluene as part of a Workplace Environmental Assessment.

How can you reduce levels of VOCs in the workplace?

  • Increase ventilation after office refurbishments (i.e. 24-hour ventilation following an office refurbishment).

  • Choose low VOC products.

  • Store chemicals in well ventilated areas.

  • Maintain HVAC systems to ensure adequate ventilation and air displacement.

What are the sources of VOCs?


Common sources


Lacquer solvent, tobacco smoke    


Tobacco smoke


Insulation foam, jointing compound, fibre board, tobacco smoke


Adhesives, jointing compound, sealing tape, wallpaper, floor coverings, vinyl, paint, tobacco smoke


Adhesives, wallpaper, floor coverings, lacquers, tobacco smoke


Floor coverings, wallpaper, chipboard, insulation foam, tobacco smoke


Fibre board, solvents, tobacco smoke


Tobacco smoke, lacquers, resins, paint removers

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