Jessica Gardiner- Microbiologist

Jessica Gardener, Microbiologist, Assurity ConsultingI joined Assurity Consulting in 2015 after university, as a Trainee Microbiologist in our in-house laboratory. I found a passion for microbiology when studying it as a part of my food science course, and was excited to work in a role that offered training to become a fully-fledged Microbiologist.

In my first year, I learnt how to create media for the first time, how to read plates, and how to isolate and identify different organisms, as well as processing and equipment calibration. I was able to apply much of what I had studied the theory for at university in real life, as well as learn in depth all about areas I hadn’t studied such as Legionella. After one year, I had received the training to become a qualified Microbiologist.

There are lots of opportunities for progression at Assurity Consulting, from learning new expertise, to expanding my responsibilities. The Microbiologist role also has a clear pathway for progression to allow me to develop my career further, and I have been able to build both my confidence and knowledge since joining the company.

One of the best things about my role is how varied it is. There is always something new to be discovering and doing, and I get to do something different every day. I love being a scientist in a working laboratory, and being a microbiologist means I get to use a combination of biology, chemistry, and physics.

I also love working in our small laboratory team. Both throughout my training and now, I have been supported by my laboratory manager and supervisor, as well as the rest of my colleagues. We also work closely together, which makes working in the lab social and fun.

As a small to medium sized company, there is a nice community at Assurity Consulting where everybody knows everybody. I get to know lots of different people from every single department and role, and there is a really welcoming office atmosphere. The company also throws regular events for staff that bring everybody together, such as the ice-cream van events on a Friday!