George Donkin, Senior Consultant, Assurity ConsultingI am a Workplace Environmental Senior Consultant which involves carrying out assessments on water and air systems within different buildings. My role is essentially to check everything going on with the water and/or air in a building for a customer and let them know where it is going well and where it might need some TLC. The most rewarding part of the job is the problem solving side of it, I love when I get something weird in a building and have to investigate. You also can’t really beat an appreciative customer, a lot of the people I work with are not experts and they really like having someone like me that can help them understand their buildings a bit better

I have taken on my own contracts and have developed the relationships with the company. I have also helped to develop a new service and have previously been a mentor to new trainee Consultants.  

Working at Assurity Consulting gives you the best of both worlds, a lot of the time I feel like I’m working for myself. I plan my calendar and my visits, I write my reports, maintain relationships with my customers and present my reports to them. However, at the same time I have the support of 80 or so other people at the office who are all friendly and willing to give you the time and help you need if you get stuck. Also… free car! There have also been numerous training opportunities and lots of social sporting activities to get involved with.

The best thing about Assurity Consulting is the fact that I am able to follow a process through from the first sales meeting with a customer to selling the work, delivering it and then finally presenting the finished product. It’s all you and the amount of skills you can pick up with all of those processes is amazing. There are not many places that have such a broad range of skills linked to one job role. It’s helped me gain loads of experience in many different areas which will no doubt come in useful in later life.

In terms of skill development, I feel like I have a come a long way. I’ve developed a lot of new technical skills, from using all the testing equipment to working with the iPads and company database, there is plenty to keep your inner nerd happy. My interpersonal skills are always improving, I’m sure if you went back and looked at me before I started with Assurity Consulting I would seem a lot less confident sat in a meeting. I enjoy talking to customers and I am constantly meeting new people on site.

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