I first joined Assurity Consulting in September 2015 as an Apprentice Consultant and since then I have gained an understanding of a completely new industry. I am now a full qualified Consultant and am trained to carry out Workplace Environmental Assessments as well as Health and Safety and DSE assessments. As part of my apprenticeship I completed a business administration qualification and I was also lucky enough to be able to complete a NEBOSH General Certificate. Being given the opportunity to complete a qualification as well as gain first-hand industry experience at the same time is something that I find particularly rewarding.

Since completing my apprenticeship in 2017 I have completed my NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety & Risk Management as well as two CIEHF Accredited Display Screen Equipment courses.

I have worked in buildings all over the country from Manchester to Maidenhead, which has given me an opportunity to explore areas of England I've never visited previously. I have visited some really exciting buildings, including Google HQ, Warner Music and the United Grand Lodge of England, which is home to the Freemasons. This is one of the aspects I enjoy the most about my job, as I can explore a number of fascinating buildings I would never have access to in any other career.

The best thing about working at Assurity Consulting would have to be my colleagues. The office always provides a welcoming and positive atmosphere along with a team of experts who are more than happy to a help me learn new things and assist me with any tasks I need help with.

In my time at Assurity Consulting, I have learnt how to use my colleagues to develop my knowledge and how to recommend changes that need to be made within buildings by providing customers with a site-specific report. I have also learnt how to effectively manage my time and how to communicate with customers.