Suzanne Clarkson-Lewis, Marketing Manager

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Over 15 years of marketing experience

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Responsible for the companies marketing budget and plan

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Responsible for the company's' corporate responsibility strategy and marketing the recruitment activity

She manages a small but perfectly formed team of two, who together deliver a wide range of activities from emailing contacts in an inspiring digital format to hosting educational seminars in their outstanding customer buildings - no day is ever the same - from working with a creative agency through to supporting ConsultantsPicture of Suzanne Clarkson-Lewis with important tender presentations to customers!

In 2012 she directed the marketing for the successful brand evolution of the company from Elementus to Assurity Consulting and has taken the business forward into the world of social media. 

In 2015 Suzanne took on the responsibility for the company's' corporate responsibility strategy and marketing the recruitment drive to support the Consultancy Services team. She has a broad background in a range of business activities, from marketing, sales, operations, training and PR. She also gives support to the business with her organisational, communication and people skills.

Outside of work, she has a house renovation project, enjoys horse riding, gardening and getting out into the countryside to for fresh air and exercise.


It's a joy working with such an intelligent, humorous team of experts that can draw on years of experience in delivering workplace compliance, who all pull together to make sure the customers come first every time, creating loyalty and trusted partnerships with them.

Insights by Suzanne

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