Chris Crowhurst, IT Manager

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Responsible for all areas of IT

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Responsible for the technical development of Assurity Plus

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Qualified software developer

Picture of Chris Crowhurst, IT Manager, Assurity Consulting

Prior to this, he had exposure to Assurity Consulting as he was one of the developers working on the company's main database platform. When he joined the organisation, he hit the ground running and was able to help internal customers by providing various IT solutions that would focus on improving customer service and efficiency.

Over the years Chris has increased his professional IT knowledge, using popular Microsoft technologies such as the .NET Framework, SQL Server and more. As well as keeping up with the latest technologies available, Chris also improved his management skills and progressed to becoming the Development Manager at Assurity Consulting. 

Chris is now responsible for all areas of IT, including managing a team of people and various third-party suppliers to make sure that Assurity Consulting takes advantage of the technology that is available in the marketplace.

Chris has been responsible for the following achievements whilst working at Assurity Consulting: 

  • Implementing a custom CRM solution to improve customer service;
  • Responsible for the development of Assurity Plus, our customer-facing portal;
  • Implementing a solution to improve report creation and delivery using a combination of iPads for site work, and a custom-built web site for report creation and delivery and;
  • Internal projects to improve customer service and efficiency, too many to list here!

Chris’s technical knowledge includes: Microsoft SQL Server, Reporting Services (SSRS), Integration Services (SSIS), Microsoft .NET Framework (C#/ASP.NET/VB.NET) , Swift (iPad Development) , JavaScript , Sage CRM development , TypeScript , Node.js, SharePoint 365 (SPfx), Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Visual FoxPro (VFP)

Outside of work Chris embraces all aspects of Geek culture, including science fiction, movies, gaming and technology, as well as enjoying time with his young family.