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Founded in 1986, Assurity Consulting is a leading independent consultancy specialising in health, safety and environmental solutions. We can provide you with impartial advice to make sure that your organisation is compliant with workplace regulations.

We can help you to achieve real cost savings by avoiding unnecessary remedial measures, helping you to secure the best value on your workplace compliance control.

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Would you like faeces and a slice?

Without ice and a slice many drinks are just not complete. But how can you be sure that the ice you are providing in your customers drinks is safe after BBC One’s Rip Off Britain recently exposed a KFC branch in Birmingham where the ice they were serving was contaminated with faeces?

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Sort the facts from the fiction on the health of your workplace

Sort the facts from the fiction on the health of your workplace

As a facilities or health and safety professional, has anybody within your workplace mentioned that they thought that their workplace was making them ill? If so this CPD will help you to explain a few workplace myths and will provide you with some answers regarding your workplace and your responsibilities.

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