Assurity Plus delivers real time information to help you proactively manage compliance in individual buildings or portfolios of premises on a regional, national or international basis. Whatever the geographical spread of your property, everything is covered for you at one central location.

You can simplify your operation and focus resources on areas of greatest need, saving you time and money. Our solution will match your requirements, and focus on the compliance issues that are relevant to your organisation. You will have the confidence to know you are dealing with the right issues at the right time.

A fully competent and suitably qualified consultant is assigned to you, dedicated to understanding and meeting your workplace compliance requirements. Your consultant has the experience and knowledge to help you make decisions that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your compliance management.

By upgrading your compliance management to Assurity Plus you will also have useable management reporting and enhanced visibility of risks, both essential to the effective performance delivery of health, safety and environmental policies.

Assurity Plus delivers complete visibility of every aspect of your organisation’s safety, security, risk and compliance. 

Assurity Plus is the SMART online workplace compliance solution and gives you a complete package of protection that delivers five main areas of expertise:


If you would like to realise the huge benefits of transparent management and simplified compliance, please call us today to find out more about our unique Assurity Plus compliance solution.

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Key Benefits of our Online Workplace Compliance Management

Our customers choose Assurity Plus over other management systems, for the following reason:

Easy to use:

Our compliance solution is delivered through a web-based system accessible from any device. Information is only three clicks away and your consultant is personally available through a dedicated help desk facility.

Affordable solution:

You will receive free access to all the benefits of the online compliance management system for the full term of your contract with us.

Complete picture:

Straight forward and efficient management of actions from your Assurity Consulting reports. Full history of your compliance giving you the complete picture, saving you time and providing comprehensive protection.

Clear management:

Dashboards with intuitive traffic light systems provide clear, at-a-glance status reporting, while a helpful email module provides alerts to make sure all of your compliance matters are actioned.

Measurable information:

You can take a big picture view or drill into groups of properties or individual sites. Instant access to associated reports and outstanding actions, allowing you to review your overall performance and measure success.

Essential storage:

An essential document ‘folder’ acts as a central storage area for all of your compliance information, including your contractor reports. No more lost or mislaid reports, everything will be to hand quickly and easily.