Incident Reporting Module

Incident recording and investigation is an essential part of the health and safety culture in any organisation whether it is an independent school, corporate or further education facility. You need a good, easy to use, robust record keeping system.

At Assurity Consulting we have developed an incident reporting module that helps you manage incidents, accidents and near misses. Located on our online Assurity Plus compliance management system the incident reporting tab is easily accessible. If there is an incident, accident or near miss reported the details can be uploaded by individuals into a secure area accessible only by those with the permission to do so.

Once the basic information has been uploaded an incident record is opened. Each incident can then be investigated and you can save documents such as photographs and witness statements under the incident record. You can raise actions as part of an investigation so that any remedial work that may be required to prevent a reoccurrence can be allocated and implemented.

The final close down of an incident cannot be completed until all actions have been signed off. This gives you the reassurance that all that is practicably possible to prevent a reoccurrence of an incident has been carried out. Being able to look for trends in your incidents is also an essential part of your management process.

Our reporting module has a bar chart that shows how many incidents are open, in progress and closed down allowing you to easily see the status of all incidents. You can also look for trends in the incidents that have happened by filtering your incidents, accidents and near misses so that you can see if particular areas, people or buildings are more at risk.

This information can be used to report to your safety committee or senior management team via your own designated routes in order that you can demonstrate that you are managing your incident reporting process.

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