You can take a big picture view or drill into groups of properties or individual sites. Instant access to associated reports, compliance statements and outstanding tasks will allow you to review your overall performance and measure your success.

You have a straightforward and effective means of managing any tasks arising from your Assurity Consulting reports, with a fully searchable archive of past and present reports.

Manage and prioritise the status of tasks

You have the control for prioritising tasks and escalating activities where they are critical, overdue or high-risk, which supports you with better risk management.

Assign tasks to colleagues, contractors and other third parties

Assigning tasks to responsible individuals and service providers gives you the ability to target the right person for the right task, allowing you to collaborate and work efficiently as a team.

Store relevant information about your tasks

You can upload photos, service reports and certificates to demonstrate that tasks have been completed, and with a central storage area for all your compliance information everything you need is quickly and easily to hand.

Track the progress of your tasks

Tracking tasks through to completion provides you with regular status updates on your risks across property portfolios, individual locations or specific assets. It also gives you the ability to provide reports and information to other stakeholders, be they support service providers, other departments or your senior managers.

Monitor the performance of your contractors

You can keep track of the work assigned to external providers making sure that their performance is monitored and challenged, and your risks are actively managed. Your contractors may be providing the tasks, frequencies and labour, Assurity Plus 2.0 supports you with the risk management.

Manage the assets within your buildings

By being able to document the real time management of critical assets, not only can you demonstrate overall compliance but gather better information on performance to help your future risk management too.

Create inspection workflows for scheduled and reactive tasks

You can manage your building assets by creating and allocating your own inspection workflows through ‘scheduled and reactive tasks’. Assurity Plus 2.0 offers you the freedom and flexibility to manage your compliance needs, as specified by you and in real time.

Interrogate the data and compile reports

You can run and schedule reports where you want to identify important trends to help you make clear and timely decisions without having to constantly go back to your software supplier for changes. The more you use Assurity Plus 2.0 the more you will get out of it.