This module helps you with the efficient investigation of accidents and reporting of incidents with trend analysis and root cause identification. It also complies with GDPR legislation and information protection policies. You can keep track of all incidents, accidents and near misses through the incident management module. You can keep a record of all unplanned events as well as creating reactive tasks to investigate and close out root causes to help learn lessons and avoid recurrence.

Accident logging and investigation

Information on accidents, incidents and ill health can be used as an aid to risk assessment, helping you to develop solutions to potential risks. Assurity Plus 2.0 is designed to help you maintain appropriate records and track accident data so that future injuries and ill health can be prevented.

Near-miss logging and investigation

Many safety activities are reactive and not proactive, why wait for losses to occur before taking steps to prevent a recurrence. Near-miss incidents often precede loss producing events, but may be overlooked at the time as there was no harm caused.

By having Assurity Plus 2.0 near-miss reporting system, employees are able and encouraged to report these close calls. Recognising and reporting near-miss incidents can significantly improve employee safety and enhance your own safety culture.

RIDDOR reporting

When things do go wrong it’s important to have a process and system in place to support you in collecting the relevant information quickly and easily. Where injuries, illness or dangerous occurrences (certain, specified near-miss events – as defined in 27 categories by HSE) are reportable, the HSE must be notified by the appropriate means, Assurity Plus 2.0 has been designed to assist and enable you to carry out this process appropriately.

Interrogate the data and compile bespoke reports

You can run and schedule reports where you want to identify important trends to help you make clear and timely decisions without having to constantly go back to your software supplier for changes. The more you use Assurity Plus 2.0 the more you will get out of it.