Web-based Helpdesk

The Assurity Plus 2.0 Helpdesk management module is a web-based software solution (SaaS) platform, offering fantastic options for all organisations that don’t want the hassle and additional costs of hosting and maintaining their own on-site help desk system.

Systematic and simple handling of employee requests and incidents

The Helpdesk management module can handle all your employees’ requests or incidents via an online ticketing system. The system allows you to capture the relevant information required from your employees and direct it to the right team or individual. Your Helpdesk administrator and any others involved in resolving the issue can then track the problem until its successful resolution, as well as provide status updates along the way.


With the ability for you to add company specific information, logos, etc., the Assurity Plus 2.0 Helpdesk management module can be personalised to reflect both you and your brand.

Improve efficiencies

By greatly reducing the number of phone calls, emails and general interruptions created by employee requests and minor health and safety incidents, the Helpdesk management module is a vital tool for making the most of your resources, as it allows you the time and ability to focus on the trickier issues.

Tracking and analytics

The analytics and tracking on the Helpdesk management module provides you with insight into the types of requests and incidents being raised by your employees. This can help improve your service operation and your organisation by uncovering the common trends or issues, you can then target for action.


You can create Helpdesk reports on the data that’s important to you, be it near misses, blocked toilets or damaged equipment. Assurity Plus 2.0 gives you the information you need, when you need it.