You can access your reports as soon as they are uploaded, as well as tailor who else can use the documents.

Access and view Assurity Consulting reports

You can access your Assurity Consulting reports, surveys, risk assessments, training certificates and management systems. You will always know where your reports are, keeping your inbox clear of large files and reducing the risk of losing/mislaying your compliance documentation.

You can tailor access to those that need it, setting users up with the ability to view your entire portfolio and historic library of Assurity Consulting documentation or limit to specific properties. And if you need to, you can remove access from individuals who no longer need to be able to view those reports.

The document library gives you the ability to filter, sort and search your documents, allowing you to quickly and easily find the information you need, saving you time and allowing you to carry out your role more efficiently.

Data security is independently verified to make sure that your documents are safe and backed up in secure data centres.