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When considering what you look for in successfully managing your health, safety and environmental obligations, is it compliance, control, consistency, competence, collaboration or cost?

In truth, for most organisations, the answer will be something of all of them. But getting the right balance of what you want and need, like good health and safety, doesn’t happen by accident. In today’s world, it also must ensure you are not just legally compliant, but that your financial, moral and reputational risks are being well managed too.

At Assurity Consulting we see health, safety and environmental management as an investment, not a cost. And by partnering with us one of the first things you’ll notice is our commitment to building and maintaining long-term relationships with that in mind.

Offering solutions and no other remedial products and services - Whether system reviews and audits (e.g. air quality, water qualitynoise, food safety, occupancy comfort), risk assessment, training management systems, support or online management with Assurity Plus 2.0, we offer a range of completely independent strategic, tactical and operational solutions tailored to your needs and requirements with no vested interest in selling remedial services.

100% customer focussed - With services subcontracted to third parties, associates, “independent parts of the same group” and/or specialist laboratories, you the customer can be separated from the work two possibly three times. Not only does this significantly increase the potential for error in the supply chain, but also a loss of control around process and understanding. With our directly employed consultants, support teams, and our in-house laboratory you get all the traceability, accountability, reliability and ownership where it is needed, and results and information you can trust.

Checked, verified and quality assured - Our industry-leading accreditations and assurances, (ISO 17020, ISO 17025, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, Primary Authority (fire and Legionella), LCA) backs the in-depth technical expertise of our consultants, from NEBOSH, OSHCR and IFE to NRAC, IIRSM and IOSH. We often get asked “who checks the checker”, well for the services we provide, a lot of different people do, and that brings its own level of reassurance for us and our customers.

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Assurity Plus

Assurity Plus 2.0, the next generation of software for monitoring and managing workplace compliance across your building portfolio.

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