Remembering that members of the public, visitors, customers as well as employees may need access or support, knowledge on not just the what, but the how is needed throughout your workplace. This means any training provided needs to be relevant to and consider:

  • Front of house;
  • Facilities/office managers;
  • Human resources;
  • Security; and even
  • Departmental/faculty/service managers.

At Assurity Consulting our equality, diversity, inclusivity and accessibility training is tailored to you needs with programmes agreed in advance with you and objectives set to meet the aims of all participants/delegates.

Sessions will utilise your policies, procedures and information as needed and combine these with interactive content on a range of issues and topics relevant to the particular course. Certificates of attendance are provided for all and formal learning outcome tests can also be incorporated where required.

If you want your equality, diversity, inclusivity and accessibility training to be diverse, inclusive and accessible, Assurity Consulting is the choice.