Tesco fined for health and safety violation

The employee suffered severe injuries, including a fractured pelvis, as a result of the incident and had to be rushed to hospital.

The Health and Safety and Legal teams at Thurrock Council brought the action because the wheeled cage, which is used to deliver goods to shops, should only be moved by 2 people. Tesco had a previous health and safety conviction for allowing lone workers to move a cage at their branch in Waverley.

Tesco pleaded guilty to a charge under section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and were ordered to pay a £160,000 fine, plus £18,118 costs and a victim surcharge of £120.

Cllr Rob Gledhill, Leader of Thurrock Council said, "It is vital that workers are properly protected and safe when they are doing their jobs. We will always take action to ensure that proper standards are maintained by the borough's employers. Both the Health and Safety and Legal teams have done an outstanding job bringing this case. The size of the fine should serve as a deterrent and a signal to employers that we take the health and safety or our residents and others who work in Thurrock very seriously."

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