HSE ‘back’ to tackle workplace stress

The HSE hosted a special Stress Summit in central London where delegates debated how to tackle workplace stress. HSE’s head of work-related stress policy Rob Vondy said, “Half a million workers were affected by work related stress, anxiety, and depression in 2016. Workload pressure such as tight deadlines, too much pressure, and too much responsibility are main contributors of stress, anxiety, and depression.”

Lack of managerial support was also named as a contributor, including organisational changes, violence at work, and role uncertainty.

At the Stress Summit Sir Cary Cooper, Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, commented that the HSE “used to do really good work, then for five to eight years they disappeared.” He added, “Now we’re back in business now and thank God – we need it. I’m glad we’ve got stress back on the agenda: wellbeing is good, but stress is the thing that’s killing us.”

Claire Forshaw, Head of Centre for Health, HSL argued, “Resilience and wellbeing is like relying on PPE: we’re exposing our people to risk then hoping that the suit of armour around them will protect them.”

Material available from the HSE includes advice, guidance and tips for practical application plus an online management standards workbook including a guide to risk assessing for work-related stress, anxiety and depression.

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