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Coronavirus outbreak update as of 26th February 2020

With an increase in cases of COVID-19 and countries reporting people with the disease coinciding with school half term associated travel, we are being approached by numbers of customers for advice on what they should be doing in the workplace.

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Health and Safety Risk Assessment, Grab Packs and Senior Management Training

Here we share some key points to assess some of your health and safety systems. Take 15 minutes to review your health and safety risk assessment, carryout a grab bag inspection and to consider your director/senior manager health and safety training.

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Coronavirus outbreak update as of 13th February 2020

As information on the current coronavirus outbreak continues to grow and it’s spread continues, we have been asked to provide another update on workplace considerations.

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Coronavirus outbreak update as of 30th January 2020

With increasing news reports on the coronavirus outbreak, more countries are taking action and, as a result, a number of customers have approached us for advice on outbreak planning in the workplace.

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Issue 1: COSHH, Equality Training and Fire Risk Assessment

When did you last review your COSHH risk assessment, your employees's disability and equality training or read your most recent fire risk assessment? Take 15 minutes to consider some key points to assess some of your health and safety systems.

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Asbestos management - how is yours?

The dangers of asbestos have been widely known for decades, yet it is still the largest occupational health killer in the UK with approximately 5,000 deaths a year attributed to mesothelioma, asbestos lung cancer and asbestosis according to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) figures. To give this some context, that relates to approximately 1% of all deaths in the UK per annum.

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What is the Future for Indoor Environment Quality?

Following our successful “Game of Moans” seminar in London on 12th March 2019 based on the battle between people, plant, performance and perception for our building services, we continue our series of white papers by looking at the future for indoor environment quality (IEQ).

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How Are You Influencing Your Office Wellbeing With Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)?

Our prevailing indoor environment quality (IEQ) is the result of a number of interrelated factors. Now, it is as much influenced by users, layout and sustainability as it is by the building design, operation and maintenance.

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What is it with Wellbeing?

Wellbeing in the workplace is rightly a hot topic, what it actually means or how it is being positioned can be different things to different organisations? A quick search on the World Wide Web produced the following definition of wellbeing “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”. But how is this being interpreted and managed in the context of the workplace?

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Health and Safety Management - A Curse or a Blessing?

How big is your health and safety management system? For some “the more the better” approach prevails, with tomes of health and safety management documentation covering every conceivable hazard. For others it can be next to nothing – as we all too often see in the latest prosecutions making the news.

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Health and Safety Training - Tick Box or Tactics

Training in its broadest sense should be designed to improve skills, impart information and/or develop understanding. It is also fundamental to health and safety - whether specifically cited in regulations or as a route to competence – along with experience and knowledge.

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Fire Training - what are you learning?

Training, experience and knowledge are often cited as the three components of competency. With fire safety rightly being re-examined currently, let's take a look at fire training.

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