Minimising the risk of net zero own goals

28th November 2023



09:30 Opens
10:30 Closes


Rightly, net zero and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) content are dominating the environmental agenda. But while the reason/need for action is clear in most organisation’s minds, often the tactics (actual practicalities of and mechanism for delivering) are not.

Ambitious targeting is required and makes a clear statement, but to be meaningful it must be reasoned and realistic too. Otherwise, you could be just setting up for failure and/or the ‘own goal’ accusations of green washing in the future.

Our final webinar of the year will look at some of these environmental practicalities, real world examples of where issues can arise and what you can do about them. Combining what we’ve learned from supporting organisations with their ongoing environmental management, we’ll be looking to give you the heads up as well as some take away messages you can apply to your approach - back of the net!

Our speakers from Assurity Consulting, Emma Covey, Senior Consultant and Environmental Service Lead and Emily Harradine, Senior Consultant are both qualified and experienced environmental practitioners, will be joined by Greg Davies, Director of Market Development, and long-time committee member of the IWFM Sustainability SIG. 

So why not sign up to join us and look at your position on the pitch in relation to your net zero goal posts? 

Our speakers

Emma Covey, Senior Consultant and Environmental Service Leader

Emma joined Assurity Consulting in 2014. Emma graduated from the University of Brighton in Environmental Sciences, including the study of analytical chemistry, water and waste water treatment and environmental pollution and control. Emma has experience in water services, as well as leading our environment service team.

Emma Covey

Emily Harradine, Senior Consultant

Emily joined Assurity Consulting in September 2019. Emily has a masters degree in Sustainability, and has an array of experience across our services, carrying out Workplace Environmental Assessments, Legionella services, and environmental services including F-Gas management.

Emily Harradine
Greg Davies, Director of Market Development

Greg can draw on over thirty years in compliance management, across market sectors and in a range of subject areas (Legionella, fire, asbestos, health and safety, sustainability and access). Using this combined experience Greg is increasingly being asked by customers to brief and update their boards of directors and governors on health, safety and environmental compliance.
Greg Davies