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Mireille Stocker

Mireille Stocker
Consultancy Services Manager, Assurity Consulting
13th July 2016

World FM Day logoIt took me a while to change my mind set. I was used to calling the shots, stating what I needed, controlling the flow of the communication and that all changed. I had to get used to waiting for answers, not being in control of the communication flow and it took a while to adjust. 

What helped me the most in moving from customer to consultant was the understanding that I had of the Facilities Manager’s workload, priorities, financial pressures and all of the different things that can happen in one day! This helped me to understand my customers’ position, and that what I, the consultant, was asking for was just one thing on a long list of the FM Managers priorities. 

My favourite part of moving from customer to consultant was being able to ‘speak the FM language’; empathise with my customer and know that my past experience as a customer could now be put to use as a consultant in giving informed opinions and ideas for best practice.

Now I love being a consultant in the FM industry, I get to go to different premises, meet different FM people and share my passion for the FM industry with my customers, who benefit from my experiences in FM over the past 23 years. What’s your experience?