Why we make charity a staple component of our SME

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Adam Curtis
Marketing Supervisor, Assurity Consulting
1st September 2016

The average person in the UK will spend more than 90,000 hours in their place of work, constituting around 20% of their lifetime’s waking hours.

It is hardly any wonder that time is the main constraint limiting the charitable endeavours of the average person. Be it fleetingly or seriously, we’ve all thought about how lovely it would be to raise some money for that fantastic organisation that cared for our Aunt, that not-for-profit football club your children go to, or for one of the ‘big name’ charities doing pioneering work.

Regardless of size, businesses can turn this reality on its head by taking small, inexpensive steps to incorporate charity into the fabric of their business, until it becomes normal.

At Assurity Consulting, we do this in a number of ways, but why is it so important to us?

Wellbeing and enrichment of employees:

Put simply, raising money for charity can be very fun. For nine years now, each summer a team of our employees have headed down to a local children’s charity called the Springboard Project to stencil and paint murals on their walls for a day. Without a doubt, this is one of the most anticipated events of the year among many in the office, who relish the opportunity for a creative outlet and a thoroughly therapeutic activity.  Days such as these leave our team refreshed, energised and proud of their achievement, enhancing their feeling of wellbeing in their careers.  Moreover, as an employer, having the chance to recognise non-corporate talents and skills in your employees (like we recognise the top painters in ours!) proves an enriching experience for the business as a whole as well.

To show our employees we support their ‘extra-curricular’ goals:

At Assurity Consulting, our employee base has a large proportion of sporty individuals, who enter themselves into marathons and bike challenges regularly throughout the year. We sponsor and publicise as many individual fundraising feats as we can each year (there are rather a lot!), writing about them in our monthly newsletter afterwards and circulating the overall outcome. This is a highly appreciated gesture, demonstrating we care about individual endeavours.

To better inter-departmental cohesion and friendship:

We successfully foster a collaborative workplace at Assurity Consulting, but this is something that can always be improved. Charity days such as the gardening ‘Make a Difference Day’ we held at the Olive Tree in Crawley Hospital are a wonderful opportunity to get people from varying departments together. We had members of the Marketing team, IT, Finance and Consultancy Services working closely together for the day and enjoying each other’s company!

To raise the profile of Assurity Consulting in our community:

Acts of kindness go a long way, and make for popular press releases too! Our sponsorship of the St Catherine’s Hospice Midnight Walk is a great example. A local event, this was a prime opportunity to get our brand out there in our local community and demonstrate our commitment to the Hospice. Pre- and post-event articles were published in newspapers and magazines (not to mention social media!) about the walk, with our involvement publicised and celebrated.

These four benefits far outweigh any small monetary or organisational costs involved in facilitating charity in your business. From creating an office tuck box where proceeds go to a chosen charity, to sponsoring a charity event, there is something that can be done by a business of any size.