Why is Assurity Consulting different from the rest?

Vicki Ford Smith 2019

Vicki Ford-Smith
Consultant, Assurity Consulting
27th August 2020

During my first year working at Assurity Consulting, I have learnt so much. I know so much more now about water hygiene, including why using an independent organisation to complete your Legionella risk assessments is so important. I have also now realised how much a health and safety consultancy can offer, in the way of helping an in-house health and safety professional or facilities team.

From experience, I know that working within an organisation as the ‘health and safety person’ can sometimes be a bit of a lonely task. Sure, we all know that health and safety belongs to everyone, but if you have a new initiative or you have a change to roll out, it can feel that you are the only one banging the drum. When I was working in-house, sometimes I needed to talk through an idea with someone, sometimes just to say it out loud. This is particularly important if you have health and safety as an add-on to your role, and you have minimal experience in this area.

So, you may be asking yourself, what has this got to do with Assurity Consulting?

The set up at Assurity Consulting is different to other consultancies. You have an account manager who is your Consultant. They are an expert in their field, and they are out at customer’s sites delivering services. This means that when you call your account manager, they understand your organisation, your facilities and how you work. You can discuss an issue with them or use them as a sounding board, and they have the knowledge necessary to help you work it through.

If you have a question that relates to a service that your account manager doesn’t deliver, they have a whole team of colleagues who they can ask for advice from or they can ask another Consultant to call you back.

When I started working as a Consultant at Assurity Consulting, I was concerned that I would lose that feeling of ‘seeing a project through’ but that hasn’t been the case. When I attend a customer’s site to undertake a report, the customer knows that if they need support, they will get it.

When actions are raised in our reports, we make sure that the actions tell you exactly what you need to do to complete them, and if you need a bit more of a steer, you can contact your account manager or the Consultant who has written the report. And it’s great to revisit a site 12 months later to see the actions the Consultant has recommended, implemented and making a difference.

The latest service that I have been really pleased to be involved with is supporting customers with their COVID-19 risk assessments. This has been a bit of a curve ball in the world of health and safety, but it has done a great job of raising the profile of the work that health and safety professionals do. In addition, it has stopped us from ever having to explain what PPE stands for again (Personal Protective Equipment for those who have missed the news)!

For more than any other service that I deliver, I find that customers have really benefited from talking through their COVID-19 controls, discussing their concerns and asking questions. I have felt particularly proud when a customer who was anxious when we start our discussion, then feel confident to take their risk assessment forwards, owning it and understanding their role in the review process. 

A year in, I love being a Consultant at Assurity Consulting. I know that being able to help customers become compliant with health and safety is vital, but knowing that customers trust us and that they can come to us to ask for guidance and help is just as important.

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