What’s lurking in your salad?

Ian Woodland

Ian Woodland
Director of Business Services, Assurity Consulting
25th July 2016

It is thought that E.Coli in mixed salad leaves is the potential cause of a current outbreak that has claimed two lives and affected over 150 people in England, Wales and Scotland. The age range of those affected is vast, but interestingly the majority are women, which is thought to be down to lifestyle choices and a healthy diet.

So how did the salad leaves become contaminated? At the moment it is unclear, so the current advice from Public Health England is to “remove any loose soil before storing vegetables and thoroughly wash all vegetables (including salads) that will be eaten raw unless they have been pre-prepared and are specifically labelled ‘ready to eat’”. They go on “to stress the importance of good hand and food hygiene practices at all times”.  

Comedians used to joke it was better to find a whole caterpillar in your salad than half a caterpillar, but as those affected by this outbreak will confirm, food contamination is no laughing matter.

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