What’s in a logo? An open or closed case?

James Horsley

James Horsley
Consultancy Services Manager, Assurity Consulting
29th March 2017

Words relating to certifications and accreditations are often misquoted, and despite my Quality Manager origins, I have to let this go, but this week I really did see red. A fast growing area of consultancy for Assurity Consulting is our independent closed water system management review.

Having been delivering these services since 2014, again I have been proud to lead the way in this area of building consultancy. Our focus in this area was driven by developments in the industry, including the release of BS8552:2012 Sampling and Monitoring of water from building services closed systems and BG50:2013 Water Treatment for closed heating and cooling systems. Despite these being released some 4 years ago, the industry is still catching up and we are regularly educating our customers regarding these documents and the need to improve their management plans, something their water treatment companies are often failing to do.

The relationship between a primary contractor and their ‘water treatment specialist’ still seems to be a weak link in this area and focus is needed. A new body, the CSCA has been established to try to focus water treatment companies on the standards required, but it is certainly early days to see how this will feed upwards to our customers, and those in charge of building systems. In the meantime ‘Founder Members’ can pay a fee to use the organisations logo without any form of audit or verification.

Some such companies are even referring to this as an accreditation! Buyer beware me thinks. What would you prefer – a shiny logo that cost £1,000 or my 18 years experience backed up by our company’s 30+ years experience and extensive thoroughly assessed Quality Management System.

An open and shut case?