TripAdvisor or Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Ian Woodland

Ian Woodland
Director of Business Services, Assurity Consulting
9th March 2017

We’ve all been there. We’re in an unfamiliar town either for business or leisure and we need to find somewhere to eat. Grabbing our smartphones we tap the TripAdvisor app to see the best-rated restaurants in the area. We see comments such as:

  • “Delightful restaurant”
  • “Fabulous food and incredible value”
  • “The best pub food in the area”
  • “Very good food and service”

But hold on a minute … they may be providing an excellent customer experience, but are they safe and hygienic? All the above are real comments from TripAdvisor for food businesses where the local authority Environmental Health Officer believes “major improvements are necessary”. In other words, they had a Food Hygiene Rating of 1 out of a maximum of 5.

So the next time you are deciding where to eat you may want to click here.

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