The power of a simple hello

Emma Smith 2022

Emma Smith
Consultancy Services Manager, Assurity Consulting
17th November 2023

As the train left, I found my place in the middle of the train with various armpits to navigate around - it wasn’t great! However, as one passenger muttered a moment of disbelief as to the condition of the train, it sparked off what I can only say was a really rather enjoyable journey!

Before we knew it, we found ourselves to be in what I can only describe as a warm and interesting chat between myself and a number of commuters, all from different backgrounds, and it made what could have been a traumatic journey, enjoyable. As one passenger took a turn for the worse (overheating), this already sociable bunch of commuters took this person under their wing, water was provided and support was given to make sure they arrived safely at their destination, with various first aiders to the rescue.

It made me reflect, as we now enter the harder winter months with expectations to be office present changing by the day, how the power of a simple "hello" or a smile can really help to shape and mould our days as we go by. That interaction with perfect strangers left me feeling uplifted, and was an opportunity for me to learn from others and witness humanity at it’s best. Mental health remains such a critical consideration as we all go about our daily lives, and life is a challenge for many at the moment, so that simple smile, that friendly good morning greeting should never be underestimated. #bekind